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Founding member of BESA - Eventfreelancers group

Stijn Snaet - July 2014


Since a few months, I'm member of BESA, the Belgian Event Supplier Association. Within this federation, we've launched a special group for freelancers. Together we know & can do more ... Interested? Feel free to join!


Interesting to read ...

Stijn Snaet - May 2014

I would like to recommend 2 books: Career Branding & Personal Branding, both written by Stef Verbeeck & Kirsten Ujvari. Really worth reading with lots of practical tips. In Dutch ;-)


Proud - again ;-) !

Stijn Snaet - April 2014

Also this year, I was part of an award-winning-team. d-sidegroup won silver for their event for ING. A great success & well earned!


Proud !

Stijn Snaet - April 2013

Last year, I was part of 2 very performing teams. Both d-sidegroup & Eventmasters, won a bronze BEA-award in 2013. Eventmasters with OpenVld #Vrijheid and d-sidegroup with the event for Mestdagh 'Même famille, nouvelle génération'. Great! Up to the next!



Stijn Snaet - March 2013

Roadshow going on - need to see this!


Worth remembering !

Stijn Snaet - March 2013

It happens way too often, guests registering without showing up on an event. We have to keep on fighting this.


Interesting stuff ...

Stijn Snaet - Feb 2013

Spotted an interesting topic on LinkedIn. These guys are developping a tool for show management. It's not ready yet, but definitely worth to follow the evolution.

New website

Stijn Snaet - Feb 2013

I'll try to keep it up-2-date & even more, post some news here from time to time ...

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